NewBreed Business Offices

In the post-covid era, many businesses will be reviewing their office space strategy. At NewBreed Business Offices, our offering is a compelling alternative to the traditional option of renting and paying for a large office space, only to find many areas are underutilised.

As a niche provider of office space in Brisbane, we accommodate professional businesses ranging from 2 to 50 people in size. We provide a more cost-effective option by enabling you to right size your office space. You’ll also find that there are many other benefits of being a tenant at NewBreed Business Offices that go well beyond your monthly rent cost.

Why Choose Us?

You Rent Only What You Need (and share the rest)

Many businesses lease a whole building or floor and fully utilise only a fraction of it. For businesses with fewer than 20 people, this is a particularly expensive option.

Central to our offering is the recognition that whilst you do need bathrooms, a kitchen, meeting space and perhaps a waiting area, you don’t need it all day, every day. At NewBreed Business Offices you rent an exclusive office space that’s just yours, and then you share all of the other facilities that you only need some of the time. This enables you to cut out the waste and downsize to a smaller space, without having to go without all of the facilities.

We Help You Simplify and Control Costs

Traditionally, on top of paying the rent you are responsible for organising and paying all the outgoings. Services such as internet, cleaning, electricity, consumables, photocopiers, repairs and maintenance, and utilities can add up very quickly and take up valuable time.

At New Breed Business Offices, we enable you to simplify and control costs with just one monthly all-inclusive rental fee. After all the uncertainty created by Covid-19, having certainty about your office costs each month is even more important.

You Enjoy A Truly Unique Work Environment

The total experience at NewBreed Business Offices is different from anything else in the market. We provide all of the facilities and services that you’d expect (14 seater boardroom, full kitchen, informal meeting and quiet work areas, client parking, tenant parking, signage opportunities, male and female bathrooms with shower, photocopier and business grade internet) as well as those that delight (outdoor deck, beer garden, double barista coffee machine and special area for ‘Junior Executives’).

Once you step inside the front door, you fully experience the grandness and scale of the building with its high ornate, light-filled ceilings. Guests and tenants alike are impressed by the sense of welcome and warmth that radiates throughout the building, and styling that is thoughtful and classy but still down to earth.

Each office has its own distinct personality and has been designed for optimum functionality, comfort and inspiration.

You’re Part of Something Big (even when you’re still small)

We subscribe to the principle that the sum of the parts being greater than each individual part. When you are a tenant at NewBreed Business Offices you are part of a broader community where people know your name, and care about you and your business. With an interesting mix of professional businesses and people around you every day, you’ll have opportunities to collaborate and share experience and expertise without even having to leave the building.

To ensure we maintain an optimum mix of expertise and the right spirit, we have a strict policy of not having more than one tenant operating in a particular field or market segment.

You’ll Love the City Fringe Convenience and Accessibility

NewBreed Business Offices are located on the border of Fortitude Valley and Spring Hill, meaning you avoid the high city rents and peak hour traffic jams. Instead, you can enjoy the easy access to transport (bus and train nearby) and all the business and lifestyle precincts are just a stroll away. Faculties include gyms and pool, parks, King Street, ChinaTown Mall, RNA showgrounds and the Royal Brisbane Hospital (and RBWH). If you do need to pop into the city, a $5 rideshare will get you there in 5 minutes or a 20 minute walk will get your step count up.

We’re A Local Small Business

NewBreed Business Offices is not part of a large chain driven by shareholders and profits. It is a local business managed by hands-on owners who are values-driven, responsive and care about long term relationships. We have high standards and insist on process when it comes to safety and quality. On everything else, we just insist on doing things with the right spirit, respect and a sense of fun.

Enough about us, what about you?

We’ve got a range of different office spaces: from small to large, and private to secure and open plan. Let us know how many people you need to accommodate, the nature of their roles and any special requirements you have. We can then explore the different options with you.

It’s important to note that we don’t suit businesses who are only interested in price. We are not cheap but our prices are generally not higher than the co-working type places popping up around the place.

Our tenants choose us because they value the total offering at NewBreed Business Offices. If this is also important to you, then let’s talk about which space you love, the length of rental term and then we can get to the price.

Ready to find your new office space?